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Sip & Scent

DIY Signature Scent. First Event Hosted By Sufuria.


Safety First!

Sufuria took the necessary steps to ensure the safety of its clients. Although it was a private event that took place in a house. Sufuria made sure that everyone was six feet apart, wore masks, doors were left open for proper ventilation, and sanitized each station.

Each station had everything needed for the workshop, to encourage people to stay in their seats and not move around, to instill the six feet apart regulation set up during Covid-19. Three staff members showcased the oils for everyone to sample, so that not everyone was touching the products. Sufuria also reminded everyone to take a break and wash their hands after sampling the oil bottles.

Sip & Scent Private Event.

On February 27,2021, Sufuria hosted its first ever DIY Workshop. Each station was equipped with its own personal wine, finger foods, and Fiji water. Along with all the necessary tools needed to create the perfume/cologne.

The workshop consisted of 10 people who created their own signature scent. Each person was given a worksheet with a wide selection of natural oils. On each worksheet there were five categories: Woodsy, Floral, Fruity, Spicy, and Herbal. Theses categories gave the client a sense of how they want their perfume, or cologne to smell. Included on the sheets are descriptions of each oil's scent.

The second sheets were for clients to keep record of what oils were used, and how many drops of oil needed to be added to the beakers. There are a total of 4 steps that are essential to creating a 1 oz. signature scent bottle. Each client needs to add numerous drops, from 3 or less oils, to their beaker which will be the heart of their scent. The next three steps will be the mixers, that are needed to blend out the heart based oils. The second step is to add multiple drops of oil, from 4 or less oils. The third step is to add multiple drops of oil, from 3 or less oils. And, the fourth step is to multiple drops of oil, from 3 or less oils. After mixing all of the natural fragrances, the clients would then add it to their hemp based oil and other necessary components. Thus, creating their 1 oz. signature scent.

Included in the package was a portable roller bottle with a smaller portion of their signature scent. For the roller bottle, clients divided the drops in half from the steps used for the 1 0z. bottle worksheet.The client had the option to create the same scent in smaller a portion, or to create a totally different scent.

In the end all clients were extremely satisfied with their creation. All though many of the same oils were used among the guests, no two perfumes/colognes smelled the same. Each scent was unique to the creator.

Prizes & Gift Bags.

You can expect much more when attending a Sufuria Event. Along with the aromatic perfumes and colognes made, guests can expect to walk away from the workshop with goodie bags and prizes!

To find out what kind of gifts are given out during our events. Join us for our next two events on Saturday March 27,2021, and Saturday April 24,2021.

Instagram Photo's From Sip & Scent Event.


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