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Cheers To 2022

As the year comes to an end we say goodbye to old habits, and hello to new beginnings. The year 2020 was one we'll never forget, and to be honest 2021 was not that much better. We haven’t gone back to “normal”, whatever we think normal is, but we still persevered. Many challenges and hardships were faced but we strongly overcame them and progressed on, despite the odds being against us.

At Sufuria Life we continued setting and executing our goals despite the challenges we faced during the Pandemic. We hosted small and safe gatherings making sure we followed the CDC guidelines to keep our guests safe. We networked, and partnered with other companies to share knowledge and help each other gain new prospects.

Earlier in the year we had major success with our Sip & Scent Infused Perfume Workshops. It was so popular that we had to pause the workshops due to high demand and COVID restrictions. Another goal we've accomplished was creating more handmade natural beauty products for distribution. Every week was dedicated to creating our signature Bath-Bombs, Body Glitters, Soaps, Lotions, Mens Beard Kit, and much more! We want to thank our loyal customers who purchased our products and expressed how much they loved their purchases on Social Media. Thank you.

Lastly, we are also proud to say our debut YouTube CBD Nighttime Gummies Review was a success. To gain insight on whether or not the product does what it is intended to do, we interviewed four participants and recorded their reactions to the product. We've received a lot of love and comments on said video. Once again we appreciate our loyal followers and thank all of them for their support.

It's humbling knowing that our small business still thrived during the hardest of times. Making even the smallest victories triumphant. We'll continue to make products, hold small events, and spread information to help inform the community of all things Cannabis. And, try to debunk some of the stigmas in the Cannabis Community.

There are always going to be challenges and we should never let that stop us from achieving our goals.

Stroll through our gallery and see what Sufuria has been up to in 2021.

Gallery Of Products And Events

Social Media Videos And Youtube Review Trailer

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