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CBD Halloween Treats

Cannabis Infused Treats & Drinks

CBD Halloween

The holidays are the perfect time of year for family and friends to celebrate together. But, this Halloween is strictly for adults only. Sufuria Life has found some treats for you to enjoy this Halloween.

In this bonus blog, we want to give you some ideas on how to incorporate CBD products into your grown-up Halloween treats.

We came across some fantastic recipes from Sparkling CBD Beverages’ website.

Check out their page for more recipes. Below were some of our favorite recipes, Halloween CBD Infused Beverages, from their page.

No Tricks Only Treats Drinks

Serves: Two

Being too old to trick-or-treat shouldn’t mean your candy days are over. Add some sinful sweetness to your evening with this delectable CBD drink.

Blend the rich flavor of a tootsie roll with some sparkling soda-pop fizz. This candy-like cocktail is easy to blend, and the payoff couldn’t be much sweeter. Multiply quantities of these ingredients as needed to serve at larger gatherings, or blend as described to sip with your sweetheart.

What You’ll Need:

Four ounces Kahlua coffee liqeur

Sparkling CBD Root Beer

Ice cubes

How It’s Made:

Fill two tall glasses with ice. Pour two ounces of Kahlua into each glass. Then, slowly pour in Sparkling CBD Root Beer – to the brim, or desired fill. Serve with a straw for the optimal experience.

Serves: Two

What You’ll Need:

Four ounces dark rum

One ounce fresh lime juice


Two slices candied ginger

Half a can of Sparkling CBD Ginger Ale

One lime wheel

How It’s Made:

Grab a cocktail shaker and fill it with ice. Add lime juice and rum, and shake vigorously. Pour in Sparkling CBD Ginger Ale. Pour into two tall glasses, and top them off with the lime and ginger slices for garnish.

Vampire Kiss Martini

Serves: Two

What You'll Need:

Six ounces vodka

Two ounces raspberry liqueur (Chambord, divided)

Four to six ounces Sparkling CBD Black Cherry Soda

Red sugar (optional)

How It's Made:

While this concoction is much more complex than others we’ve described, those who aren’t scared off easily will attest that the taste is worth the trouble. To start, rim two tall cocktail glasses with red sugar. Measure one ounce of raspberry liqueur (saving the remaining half for later). Divide the vodka and ounce of raspberry liqueur between both glasses, blending them well. Top with your desired amount of Black Cherry CBD soda.

Finally, add that last ounce of Chambord liqueur by pouring it over the back of a spoon – making it float on the surface of each craft CBD cocktail. Enjoy!

Serves: Two

What You’ll Need:

Three ounces Bacardi Superior Rum

One teaspoon ginger puree

Half ounce of cherry liquor

Dash of edible glitter or red luster dust

Half can of Sparkling CBD Cola OR Sparkling CBD Black Cherry

How It’s Made:

Blend everything but the CBD beverage thoroughly in a cocktail shaker or pitcher filled with ice. Pour the resulting concoction into two glasses (add more ice before pouring if desired). Top off each with Sparkling CBD Cola.

Over on Source’s Website we found a couple of fun treats with CBD Oil infused that would be a hit at the party. Like, Spooky Peanut Butter Spiders, Monster Mudpie, and CBD Gummy Treats. Check out their website to view the recipes.

The products mentioned in this blog are not to be used for medical purposes. Consult your doctor before consuming CBD products.

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